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Issues with Nokia 6600 and Sanyo 8200

July 10, 2006

SCANBUY Shopper currently has issue working on the Nokia 6600 and Sanyo 8200. We are on IT; finding ways for you to get the best deals with these phone models! 🙂

If you have issues with your phone, let us know so we can look into it and find solutions.


Smartphones Supported?

July 2, 2006

I wouldn’t want you guys to give special attention to my phone model (Cingular 8125, I think HTC is the manufacturer), but since it’s a smartphone, it seems like coding smartphone support into Scanbuy would be a great idea that kills multiple birds with one stone. Thanks!

BlackBerry Supported?

June 30, 2006

Any word on upcoming BB support? I’ve got an 8700g (that I’m basically tied to with iron rope…) and I’d love to have something fun as well as useful on there. Happen to know when/if this’ll be available for RIM devices?


Your phone is not supported. Adventurous as you always are, you still want to download the application on your phone:

June 29, 2006

Well, well, well…

Some of you may have a phone model that is currently not supported. Or your phone model might be slightly different as the ones we support.

If it is your case, go to in your mobile phone’s web browser. Once you get to the screen that says that your phone is not supported, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “supported phones”.
You will then see a list of manufacturers. Choose the manufacturer and model that you think is the closest from what you own.

And that’s IT!

Feel free to leave comments on your wild adventures with SCANBUY Shopper.