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Where’s the Main Menu? I cant find it anymore :'(

July 20, 2006

You cant find the main menu anymore? You’ve seen it once but now it just disappeared?

Relax. When you’re on the page where you are supposed to type the barcode number in, press “back”.

And that’s it 🙂


First time using SCANBUY Shopper: “Allow the connection”

July 12, 2006

When you first use SCANBUY Shopper, after having entered the barcode and launched the search, a window will pop up asking you if you want to establish a connection. Depending on your phone model, it may say:

+ Allow this time only (ok)
+ Allow always (ok)
+ Allow never (not ok)

If you select “Allow never” the application will never be able to connect to the internet. If you selected this option without knowing, the easiest option is to remove SCANBUY Shopper from your phone and re-install it. The other option in to locate the settings of J2ME applications on your phone and select “Allow Connections”.

Game 1: Bring It On!

July 12, 2006

Summer is here and hot! Well ok… Today, the clouds are crying under the screams of the sky. But who cares. You and I are both currently seating in front of our computer. Haha. Ha. Hum.

You’ve tried out SCANBUY Shopper and you love it? Or you think it is just a stupid and unuseful piece of technology??
Send us crazy pictures of how you use your new Shopping Buddy along with your bizarre, serious or eccentric comments and suggestions.

We will post the most amazing uses of SCANBUY Shopper on this blog. But you better hurry. This game ends on the 31st of July!

Everything you’re craving to know about Data-Plan:

July 12, 2006

WHAT is Data-Service or Data-Plan?
Data-plan allows you to connect to the Internet through your mobile phone. If you don’t have it, it’s like having a computer with no Internet connection. Pretty lame, huh?

WHY do I need Data-Plan on my phone?
SCANBUY Shopper is a FREE application. But as you must know, in order to get it AND use it, you will need an Internet access on your mobile phone.
First you will need to go download the application at and then, when using SCANBUY Shopper, you will always need an Internet connection to gather the most current information on each product you search.

HOW do I know I have Data-Plan?
Pretty simple.
1. Open the web browser on your mobile phone. Usually the button’s logo to access the web on a cell phone is a miniature world globe.
2. Enter the URL
If you see a page loading on your phone, Bravo! You already have data-plan! If not, what are you waiting for?

HOW MUCH does it cost to get Data-Plan on my phone?
Most carriers offer unlimited data-plan for a flat monthly fee. Below are the minimum rates of our main supported carriers:
Cingular: $4.99/month (MEdia Net)
Sprint: $20.00/month (Sprint Power Visionsm)
T-Mobile: $5.99/month (T-Mobile Web)

SCANBUY Shopper on!

July 12, 2006

If you are an experienced user, you can now download SCANBUY Shopper (.jad and .jar files) from the famous GetJar website:

Or simply go to in your mobile phone’s web browser, select quick download, enter the code 7215.

And that’s it!

Issues with Nokia 6600 and Sanyo 8200

July 10, 2006

SCANBUY Shopper currently has issue working on the Nokia 6600 and Sanyo 8200. We are on IT; finding ways for you to get the best deals with these phone models! 🙂

If you have issues with your phone, let us know so we can look into it and find solutions.

Your phone is not supported. Adventurous as you always are, you still want to download the application on your phone:

June 29, 2006

Well, well, well…

Some of you may have a phone model that is currently not supported. Or your phone model might be slightly different as the ones we support.

If it is your case, go to in your mobile phone’s web browser. Once you get to the screen that says that your phone is not supported, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “supported phones”.
You will then see a list of manufacturers. Choose the manufacturer and model that you think is the closest from what you own.

And that’s IT!

Feel free to leave comments on your wild adventures with SCANBUY Shopper.

Why should i use SCANBUY Shopper? [part 1]

June 28, 2006

Imagine… You are in an electronic store, browsing the DVDs section, looking at the covers, trying to get some inspiration.

You make a selection of 3 DVDs. These are all dramas you’ve never heard of. You could make a quick call to your partner, asking for his/her preferences. But what the heck, for once, you want to surprise him/her.

So, harmed with your cell phone, you launch the SCANBUY Shopper application. You type in barcode numbers, and you go through the reviews for each of them.

what is a barcode number

You also see you can get these 3 DVDs for less online. But you really dont have time to wait for them to be shipped.

Quickly you pick the best one, and you walk away knowing that without SCANBUY Shopper, you would have never done such a great deal.

So… What’s the Deal?

Welcome to SCANBUY Shopper’s Blog

June 28, 2006

Here you will find everything you need to know about SCANBUY Shopper.

Our team at SCANBUY will post guidelines, tips and more for you to fully enjoy your Ultimate Mobile Shopping Assistant.

Feel free to comment. If you want to add your own posts, send an email to