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Yahoo Shopping Added

August 4, 2006


Yep, both SCANBUY Shopper J2ME application and WAP Search application support data from Yahoo Shopping now.

This is in addition to our existing content providers:

We are looking into expanding our list of providers and also add more categories to our results. Its an on going process and you will be seeing a lot more changes to the application in the coming weeks.


WAP Search (BETA)

August 3, 2006

The Beta version of our WAP search is now available at

Home Page

Results Page

The WAP application works pretty much like our J2ME handset application.

Technical Details:
The site supports all browsers that display XHTML pages and has been built using Microsoft ASP .NET Version 1.1.

Entering the ‘X’ character in ISBN Codes

July 24, 2006

We have received a few emails from our users asking us how would they enter the ‘X’ character in the text field on the Enter Barcode screen of the Application.

Its Simple…. Just press the star (‘*’) or the pound (‘#’) key on your keypad and it will enter the X character.

Why do ISBN codes have the ‘X’ character in the end ?
The last character of the ISBN code is the checksum value that is used to validate the barcode. ISBN codes use MOD 11 checksum logic while creating the code. With this approach there is a possibility of having 11 characters ( 0 to 9 and 10) as the final checksum value. Since the checksum character can only be one character, the checksum value for 10 is entered as ‘X’.