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Phone with a built in infrared scanner

July 5, 2006

Isn’t there a cell phone company interested in scanning technology? It seems this comparison shopping could get so addictive and fun … AND cost conserving … that consumers like myself would be willing to spend a bundle up front to get a scan-phone. By that I mean … a phone with a … little red light that shoots out the top and actually pulls the bar code info right into the phone. Thus eliminating the time consuming task of manually entering each digit of the items I want to compare. Plus … I don’t like to squint. Let us compare FAST with an automated scanner built in. Makes sense. Which manufacturer has SCANBUY been in conversations with regarding the release of such a phone?




Smartphones Supported?

July 2, 2006

I wouldn’t want you guys to give special attention to my phone model (Cingular 8125, I think HTC is the manufacturer), but since it’s a smartphone, it seems like coding smartphone support into Scanbuy would be a great idea that kills multiple birds with one stone. Thanks!

BlackBerry Supported?

June 30, 2006

Any word on upcoming BB support? I’ve got an 8700g (that I’m basically tied to with iron rope…) and I’d love to have something fun as well as useful on there. Happen to know when/if this’ll be available for RIM devices?


Scanbuy Looks Cool!

June 30, 2006

Scanbuy looks really neat. I have one feature I really need, though… does it show Amazon Marketplace prices in the price comparison part? I love to buy used books, but I love to get good deals, too. =)

I have never used an application like this before, but now I use Scanbuy all the time! It’s so easy to install and use and it saves time and money. I use it primarily to check the prices of used books against prices online, but you can also find reviews and helpful product information.


Austin Storm