Yahoo Shopping Added



Yep, both SCANBUY Shopper J2ME application and WAP Search application support data from Yahoo Shopping now.

This is in addition to our existing content providers:

We are looking into expanding our list of providers and also add more categories to our results. Its an on going process and you will be seeing a lot more changes to the application in the coming weeks.


4 Responses to “Yahoo Shopping Added”

  1. rehamanshaik Says:

    I love the application, for the way it provides me BestPrices from all the stores present at a location given. Great Work Guys 🙂

  2. Shima Says:

    Thank you for sharing this info. It is really helpful.

  3. Bobbo Says:

    Howdy! Tried to download the software onto my phone, but any time I go to or, I get a 404 error… are the pages up and running?

  4. Fred the dude! Says:

    world of warcraft game guide

    Great blog post, keep up the good work as its rare to find good posts latelly due to all the damn spam etc, thanks for a great read and take care!

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