Everything you’re craving to know about Data-Plan:


WHAT is Data-Service or Data-Plan?
Data-plan allows you to connect to the Internet through your mobile phone. If you don’t have it, it’s like having a computer with no Internet connection. Pretty lame, huh?

WHY do I need Data-Plan on my phone?
SCANBUY Shopper is a FREE application. But as you must know, in order to get it AND use it, you will need an Internet access on your mobile phone.
First you will need to go download the application at wap.scanbuy.com and then, when using SCANBUY Shopper, you will always need an Internet connection to gather the most current information on each product you search.

HOW do I know I have Data-Plan?
Pretty simple.
1. Open the web browser on your mobile phone. Usually the button’s logo to access the web on a cell phone is a miniature world globe.
2. Enter the URL wap.scanbuy.com.
If you see a page loading on your phone, Bravo! You already have data-plan! If not, what are you waiting for?

HOW MUCH does it cost to get Data-Plan on my phone?
Most carriers offer unlimited data-plan for a flat monthly fee. Below are the minimum rates of our main supported carriers:
Cingular: $4.99/month (MEdia Net)
Sprint: $20.00/month (Sprint Power Visionsm)
T-Mobile: $5.99/month (T-Mobile Web)


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