Phone with a built in infrared scanner


Isn’t there a cell phone company interested in scanning technology? It seems this comparison shopping could get so addictive and fun … AND cost conserving … that consumers like myself would be willing to spend a bundle up front to get a scan-phone. By that I mean … a phone with a … little red light that shoots out the top and actually pulls the bar code info right into the phone. Thus eliminating the time consuming task of manually entering each digit of the items I want to compare. Plus … I don’t like to squint. Let us compare FAST with an automated scanner built in. Makes sense. Which manufacturer has SCANBUY been in conversations with regarding the release of such a phone?




7 Responses to “Phone with a built in infrared scanner”

  1. marine Says:

    Dear JJH,

    SCANBUY’s core skill IS the barcode decoding through cell phones.

    When developping SCANBUY Shopper, our first goal was to get a shopping buddy for everyone, meaning accessible by most handsets.
    Indeed, today, more than half of the market can download and use our application on their cell phone.

    We will soon release a version with the barcode scanning option. But dont get too frustrated if your phone does not support it! :p

    For more info on other SCANBUY products, go to

  2. ishan Says:

    So what you are trying to say is that, in order to support more phones, the barcode scanning using the CAMERA of camera-phones was left out of the SCANBUY Shopper and when a new version with such support is released, users wont have to look for a phone with an infra-red scanner but just any supported camera-phone ? Hmmm … worth the wait.

  3. TestMan Says:

    You already got a “scanner-like” in most phones and it is the camera ! Don’t expect manufacturer to do more. The question is can you scan barcode (for instance UPC-A and EAN-13 ) with a 1Mpix cam ?

    As far as I know lots of phone (in europe at least) are supporting the JSR 135 (Java MultiMedia) … so the only issue is resolution and fix focus issues 😉

    If you manage this, this could open lots of opportunities IMHO…

  4. TestMan Says:

    Si vous comprennez le français, un entretien avec le fondateur (?) de Scanbuy est disponible sur

    This ITW says that scanbuy is able to scan an barcode using a camera phone and you can download this right now 🙂 I must have missed something somewhere 😛

  5. praizada Says:

    SCANBUY, Inc. provides barcode scanning technology for camera phones. SCANBUY Shopper (j2me version) does not have scanning as of yet due to the limited number of handsets that support JSR 135 specially here in the US. And offcourse as you mentioned, focal length of camera’s is a big hurdle.

  6. Camera Phones Says:


    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

  7. Gene Says:

    I don’t work for these people, but I have used their product. If you have a Bluetooth phone, Baracoda makes a device that will connect to your phone and send the keys to your phone / PDA. My work bought one of these devices so that we could scan our ID badges to track training / mandatory meeting attendance electronically.

    It’s another device to buy, but it’s kind of cool.

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